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Best Fonts used by Experts for Subtitles and Captions on Video

Best Fonts used by Experts

Adding captions to video content is nothing new, but it has become more common than ever before. One of the reasons for this is the increase in consumption of foreign media. We like to watch content from our favorite YouTubers, even though they speak a different language. Captions make this possible. When you add easy-to-read captions to your video content, you can easily reach your target audience, even though they are from another country or culture. In popular video platforms like YouTube and Facebook, subtitles give you the added benefit of SEO, enabling you to rank higher and thus reach a larger audience. Subtitles also provide a huge advantage to hearing-impaired people. The significance of adding subtitles to your videos becomes apparent when you understand that more than 80% of Facebook users tend to watch videos with no sound on.

When adding subtitles to your content, you must ensure that it is accurate, matches the pace and tone of the video, and is high quality by providing all the relevant information. While watching a video in a foreign language, viewers often find it difficult to keep up with the speed of the subtitles. You must also take care to choose an appropriate subtitle position, keeping in mind the different platforms you will be uploading your videos. One of the drawbacks of subtitles on foreign language videos is that they never provide contextual information on things others might not be familiar with. Another significant point to note while employing subtitles for your content is that it should be easy to read. Commonly used fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, and Roboto are easy to read but can fail to differentiate your brand from others. Using Premium fonts can help you to create and establish a brand identity without compromising readability.


If you want to distinguish yourself from the masses and appeal to a reader’s eye, then Futura is the best font to choose. The Font is remarkably clear in almost all backgrounds and is preferred for its versatility. Major luxury brands like Dolce Gabbana and Calvin Klein use Futura for their logos and designs.



This is one of the popular fonts used by broadcasting and advertising companies. Helvetica is best to be used as subtitles for documentaries, as it looks more concrete and fuller. Helvetica comes in a wide variety of typefaces suitable for any background. Helvetica’s popular type fonts are Condensed Black, Condensed Black, and Light.


Roboto was developed by Google for use across all mobile devices and is also used for YouTube. Using Roboto font can help make your subtitles look equally good across various devices. Roboto is probably one of the most readable fonts that are commonly used today. Roboto also offers many functional type fonts like Roboto Mono, Roboto Thin, and Roboto Regular.

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