Different Types of Fonts and How to Use Them in Graphic Design?

Types of Fonts

Although each typeface has certain distinctive qualities, by considering your audience, you can choose the one that is most appropriate for your project. The ideal typeface to use can still be read in small sizes. Additionally, it should be readable in italics. Fonts are frequently employed to create an atmosphere and evoke feelings. You can make a strong visual design by comprehending the wide font varieties and how to use them.

Fonts come in a wide variety and are used extensively in graphic design. The entire appearance and message can be greatly impacted by making the appropriate choice. You should use the most relevant style based on the brand and its values. The various font kinds and their applications in graphic design are listed below.

Sans Serif

For body writing and headings, many people use sans serif fonts. They seem tidy and uncomplicated. Serif fonts, on the other hand, are employed for formal settings. The reader is led from character to character by their lines at the end of character strokes. Additionally, these typefaces have a small projection.

Display Typefaces

Display typefaces are a different category of a font. Display fonts frequently have huge characters and are bold in style. They appear on signs, banners, logos, and even takeout. Oswald, Contrail One, and Contrail are a few examples of display fonts.

Extra Condensed Font

Use an exceptionally condensed typeface to make your text stand out in a crowd. Extra-condensed typefaces have distinguishing characteristics that make it simpler to recognize them. They frequently feature more vertical than horizontal lines, for example. The letters appear more dynamic thanks to the vertical lines, which can also make them more prominent in advertisements.


The 18th century saw the introduction of the font Didone. The thick vertical lines and thin lines at the bottom and top of each character set it apart from other fonts. This font was very popular. Today, companies that make automobiles, recreational goods, and airplanes frequently utilize these fonts.

Script Typefaces

Script typefaces were created to imitate calligraphy that was made by hand. They were initially used for titles and posters, but graphic design now makes extensive use of them. Using script typefaces will produce a more opulent and refined result. They can be challenging to read, though. Make sure to use the largest font possible when using them in your design.


Geometric fonts are another variety. The ‘O’ and ‘P’ shapes, among others, are the basis for these fonts’ geometric designs. These can be used to take your audience back in time to various eras, such as pre-World War II Germany, the jazz age, and even the computer age.

To sum up

Fonts are crucial when building a website or making a brand. Make sure it corresponds with the message you want to portray, just like you would with any other component of your design. Your sentences will be understandable and communicate your desired tone of voice if you use the appropriate font.

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