Psychedelic and Art Designs For Posters in the 70s

Art Designs

Many psychedelic and art designers for posters created their unique aesthetics in the course of the late 1960s. While some painters drew inspiration from traditional Western advertising, others concentrated on the surf and Californian culture. The “Big Five,” a small but significant group of artists, collaborated to produce the most well-known poster designs of the psychedelic era.

One of the key trends of the late 1960s was the use of psychedelic and artistic poster designs. They produced an eye-catching, colorful effect. Their designs typically consisted of a clashing palette of bold colors.

The pattern of this style

The swirls, kaleidoscopes, and patterns frequently had a core focus and were repeated around it. This style can be quite vague; therefore, it’s not for the timid. It can be applied to graphic arts, fashion, and advertising. A narcotic and joyful mood is conjured up by psychedelic art. Many creators of psychedelic art also made allusions to earlier art movements like Art Nouveau.

Psychedelic rock poster movement

In the 1960s, the San Francisco Bay Area emerged as the epicenter of the psychedelic rock poster movement. These painters drew inspiration from Victoriana, Pop Art, and Art Nouveau styles. The Dada movement inspired their designs in some instances. Others drew inspiration from the blossoming hippie scene in San Francisco.

Famous artists

Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso, Rick Griffin, Stanley Mouse, and Alton Kelley were some of the most well-known poster designers who used psychedelic and art imagery. These artists created recognizable posters that contributed to the psychedelic era’s definition.

Both the general public and teenagers loved these posters. On the walls of their bedrooms, they started to affix beautiful posters. A wider understanding of psychedelia and the concept of freedom of speech were both influenced by the informal society of teenage posters.

Grateful Dead poster

The Grateful Dead poster was among this era’s most well-known designs. Numerous covers for the band were produced by illustrators, including Rick Griffith, who was well-known for his psychedelic works of art. Miller also created the album covers for Journey and the Grateful Dead.

Bonnie MacLean

Bonnie MacLean was a well-known poster artist as well. In 1967, she produced more than thirty posters for the Fillmore. She was regarded as Fillmore’s primary poster maker as a result. She also used rock band concert posters in her artwork.

Big Five poster

The typeface of posters created by the Big Five is frequently bold, colorful, and has wavy lines. Wes Wilson designed the font, which had a distorted, ecstatic look. Many of the posters were so challenging to understand that only people from the Psychedelic tribe could do so.

To sum up

Rock poster designs throughout the psychedelic and art movements were revolutionary. Even though the period is over, the artwork and design of these posters serve as a permanent memory of the occasions and music of the time. Psychedelic posters are an enduring reminder of a momentous era by fusing a vibrant background with distorted writing and discordant colors.

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