Psychedelic Style In Graphic Design

Psychedelic Style

Psychedelic style is one of the most popular forms in the music and visual art industry which originated in the 60s. One of the main influences was the hippie movement, a culture developed in the Far East cost and mainly followed by people who followed Buddhism.

If you’re a brand owner looking forward to imbibing in the psychedelic art style and using it in your branding and graphic design, this guide is for you.

In the world of psychedelic styles, taking risks in terms of branding is essential to try out and get unique outputs. Psychedelic art is also one of the most eye-catching art forms, which helps in logo design, graphic design, and many other forms of art.

History of psychedelic art style

The term ‘psychedelia’ refers to the subculture of the past, while the word ‘psychedelic’ refers to the altered state of mind dealing with one’s consciousness. However, when we use these terms in terms of graphic design, they are interchangeable and can be used alternatively.

Among the recent design trends in the graphic design world, abstract psychedelia is winning the art world. However, for centuries now, the world of psychedelic art and music has been known to take people to a new destination in one’s minds. As a result, the design pieces are known to have a life of their own, to the extent that no two viewings look alike.

What exactly is psychedelic art?

It is an art form that is a different experience to everyone who views it and experiences it. Therefore, it will always have something for everyone. Some hallmark design patterns used by graphic designers include spiral patterns, fantasy imagery, radiant and ultra-bright colors, intricate and groovy topography, kaleidoscope, and others. Although the history of this design dates back to the 80s, it is still used, especially in print media and graphic design, to attract new customers.

Modern psychedelic art

Modern psychedelic art was popularized by the modern hippie movement, which improved the artist’s vision for the psychedelic style. Color is one of the essential aspects of this form of art which is now being used in different forms of graphic designs like printing logos, t-shirt designs, and other forms.

For instance, the SRT Car care T-shirt is one of the best examples, which showcases all the intricate details, rad patterns, and other rad topographic radiances with an inspired color palate. People must remember that psychedelia is an experience that changes from one person to another. Hence, what one might like on their T-shirt might be hated by another.

The art form, especially their infusion in graphic design, has an eye-catching factor and is a hallmark of the same. Having a trippy aesthetic or a trippy printed t-shirt is another way of showing the world the side of psychedelia they’re not aware of!

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