Top Font Styles Used by Graphic Designers

Fonts are a crucial part of any business or marketing campaign. They differentiate your company from the competitors and help establish your brand. They also help convey the aesthetics of a project and attract the target audience. Sometimes, the fonts used can evoke a feeling or emotion in the audience. One example is Helvetica, most prominently used in mystery documentaries or books. Another example is the type font Black Shepherd generally used to evoke a spooky feeling in the Audience. You can also see popular fonts such as One Starry Night and Sentinel used in Christmas-themed products or artwork. There are millions of fonts to choose from, and the process itself can seem daunting and hard, especially for beginners. With experience, every Graphic Designer has their favourite fonts that they use commonly for their project. One of the key factors to note when it comes to picking your font is to never compromise readability for aesthetics. It is quite self-explanatory – no matter how good the aesthetics, if the font is not readable, most people will not read what you want to convey. Fonts also convey elegance, creativity, trustworthiness, strength and sophistication; therefore, it is important to pick your fonts with utmost care. Here are some of the top fonts according to expert Graphic Designers:



Coldiac is one of the favourite type font recommended by graphic designers. Coldiac is a modern serif font family and can be best described as the fusion of geometry and optical balance in the best possible way. The font features low contrast strokes and is especially good for large displays. Coldiac was first developed by Craft Supply Co. to create a sense of class, elegance and prestige. The font type predictably evokes the audience’s feeling of luxury and sophistication. It is best used in greeting cards, Website Headers, quotes, logos, Posters etc.


Melvis is known to be one of the best vintage fonts. Melvis is a modern calligraphy font with sophisticated handwritten flows; it will surely take readers to a different era. It was first designed by David Kasidi and published by Silverdav. This type font evokes nostalgic and evergreen feelings in the audience, transporting them to a mysterious time in history.


Carosello is one of the best-handwritten fonts out there. This beautiful handwritten font is inspired by vintage ads and was created to give a genuine handwritten letter feeling to the audience. Carosello was designed by Toshi Omagari and is often used for decorative artwork or products. The styling can be best paired with type fonts such as Montserrat and Arabella fonts and is suitable for content texturing. It can be used for creating eye-catching quotes or headings.


Bourton is one of the most popular display fonts favoured by graphic designers worldwide. Display fonts fit the broader category- they can be used for logos, websites, magazines, book covers, headings etc. Bourton can be considered a distant cousin of the Burford-type font. This font type developed by Kimmy Design has more layering options and can be perfectly used for card or invitation designs. The font captures the artistic beauty of calligraphy and traditional handwriting.

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