Types of Celtic Style Fonts You Should Know About

Celtic Style Fonts

You should look at the different Celtic-inspired fonts available if you’re planning a project with Celtic themes. These fonts can be used for various tasks, such as creating posters, signage, movie credits, and scrapbooks. Many variations are available, whether you want a calligraphic or sans-serif font. There are even Irish lettering fonts for use in greeting cards, posters, and other types of artwork. Read this article to learn more about it.

Gaelic style

A dot placed on top of a consonant, which may also be dotted, is a common feature of Gaelic-style fonts. Additional vowels with sharp accents are often supported by these typefaces as well. The most widely used typefaces are “et” and “Anglo-Saxon.” However, they are not the only choices.

The elegant style fonts

Some fonts in the Celtic style are particularly attractive. The Ed Brigid Celtic Style Font is a good illustration. Book titles and other signage it has a simple, elegant style that looks wonderful. The Ring of Kerry Irish Writing Font is ideal for projects like posters and greeting cards.

Anthu typeface

The Anthu typeface is another with Celtic-inspired designs. It has uppercase and lowercase characters and is based on a hand-drawn Gaelic typeface. Alternates and ligatures are included in the font. This font is ideal for signs or any other project that calls for a more distinctive and customized approach.

Metal styles

Celtic-style typefaces have historically been produced using a variety of metal styles. Examples of these can be seen in the corporate logo for Raidio Teilifis Eireann, which uses a modernized Gaelic font. The Rudhraigheacht is another recent addition to the field.

Iris sans

Hibernica, fresh, authentic Irish sans, offers an alternative. It is an eye-catching design with elements of both ancient and modern design based on the Lapidaria family. It also has a slight irregularity that gives the typeface an old appearance.


Typefaces with Celtic roots are a wonderful way to include Irish culture in your design. Erin is an illustration of this font. It comes in both medium and old forms, both of which have a classic and battle-worn appearance.

Because its imperfections are a little less obvious than those of certain other fonts, it is appropriate for packaging, branding, and posters. Its rounded shape makes it perfect for packaging and branding. Although it has a humanist flavor and several variants, its imperfections are slightly more subtle than some other typefaces.

Siggy & Sands

Siggy & Sands, a typeface created by Twinbrush Image Forge, is another Celtic-inspired font you might consider. The typeface, which includes five different typefaces and is based on the Hal-Uncial letterforms, has a timeless, elegant appearance.

Bricius Celtic

The Bricius Celtic Text Typeface is an additional font that works well for Irish-themed designs. This is a really distinctive Irish typeface, and its ligatures are perfect for tasks like greeting cards. Many free digital fonts are available for download in TrueType format. Though, they might not be appropriate for applications that call for a larger character set.

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